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romans chapter 8 and 9

There used in old times to be a controversy respecting the divinity of the Spirit of God. And this is the reason why He is called “the earnest” of that Saviour who died for us, and will one day give us the fulness of His own presence in heaven. The evidences of having the Spirit. 8 So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God. This is the only decisive test. The remarkable title here given to the Holy Spirit--“the Spirit of Christ.” He is so called because--, 1. p. 346. whilst we know there is much which we cannot answer, yet when we think of Him as a Spirit, it is then that we can best understand Him. He can change despair into hope and sorrow into singing. In this verse the word spirit in the first occurrence imports the gift and grace of regeneration. The moment when the Diet of Nuremberg were signing the edict that gave deliverance to Protestants, Luther was praying in his private room about it. And so now I have done with the first general part of the text, viz., the antecedent, “If any man have not,” etc. He bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God (Romans 8:16). https: 9 I was once alive apart from the law, but when the commandment came, sin came alive and I died. ];” or rather, look to the Lord Jesus Christ for more enlarged “supplies of his Spirit [Note: Philippians 1:19. "Commentary on Romans 8:9". They also had the indwelling Holy Spirit. vi. 2. Man has preeminent helps to this. The Spirit is holy, and will not dwell in a heart that harbours even the thought of sin. Love God and keep His commandments. The merchant selected his timber, paid for it, and stamped it with his own signet just as timber-merchants put the initial letter of their names on their timber now. Without it men may be speculators, cavillers, dogmatists, but not teachable disciples. The coming of the Holy Ghost was the completion of God’s revelation of Himself to man. And yet fifthly also, a Spirit of zeal. If they see some flesh in them, they can see nothing of the spirit; and they are apt both to account of them and to call them according to that which is worst in them. It most commonly in the New Testament refers to the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. The Spirit, so to speak, is the element in which you live. He is the man, any man, who does not have the Spirit of Christ. DD. "Commentary on Romans 8:9". Romans 8:9. And no doubt some will be found to have escaped for a time the pollutions of the world, who may afterwards show that they were never renewed in heart. It must be admitted that such statements generally have reference to the economy of grace, but they form the basis for the doctrinal statements of the Church. https: In a certain battle there was a wounded soldier who cried, ‘Roll me out of the way, and go on with the gun!’ We should have a like enthusiasm in Christ’s cause if the miracle of Pentecost were repeated. 2. What we are going to do today is begin to walk through some chapters in the book of Romans. Observe here, 1. "The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge". Those who are true believers, they have the Spirit of Christ in them thus, as they are changed in the spirit of their minds. Now here it may be demanded, How he came to do so? On the way to judgment and eternal condemnation. “The kingdom of God is … righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.”. Isaiah , that the Spirit of God dwells in him. Examples are numerous: the woman in Simon’s house; the paralytic; His prayer for His enemies. 1. That all such as have not the Spirit of Christ, are none of Christ's; they have no spiritual relation to him, they have no special interest in him, and can expect no present consolation or future happiness from him: The proposition is indefinite, and without exception. BibliographyClarke, Adam. ], and to obtain a clear perception of things which are altogether beyond the reach of the eye of sense. True, but the fairest flowers, as surely as the foulest weeds, are none of Christ’s if they are not of the Spirit’s own planting. But there is a fourth kind of life, of which the Scripture speaks; viz. This is conducing hereunto likewise. For this end he is given to us as “an unction that shall abide with us,” and that shall, to a certain degree, by the clearness of his communications, supersede the necessity for human instruction [Note: 1 John 2:27. The Spirit of Christ towards God. Romans 8:9 But ye are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you. He is the Spirit of life (Romans 8:2). Our good is not chiefly or primarily ours, but His who, dwelling in us, worketh in us to will and to do, and rejoiceth in His works in us. True, his operations are not seen, except in the effects produced by them: but those effects infinitely exceed all human power: and in the unerring word of God they are ascribed to the Holy Spirit, whose peculiar office it is, not only to regenerate us at first, but progressively to form us after the Divine image, and to render us meet for our heavenly inheritance [Note: Titus 3:3; Titus 3:5.]. As the spirit of man is the inmost essence of man, so the Spirit of God is the inmost essence of God--the holy of holies in the Divine nature. to the Spirit? Fifthly, in a way of comfort and special consolation, while he evidences to us our state and condition in grace, and gives us hope of future salvation, which is that which He likewise does for us. Leave a comment with your favorite verse if it is not listed here. Every man by nature has an evil spirit in him. It was not, of course, because the Holy Spirit did not exist before, it was not that he was beginning for the first time to work in the world and upon men. Romans 8:9. Doubt, gloom, impatience have been expelled; joy in the gospel has taken their place, the hope of heaven and the harmony of a pure heart, the triumph of self-mastery, sober thoughts, and a contented mind. That the Holy Ghost is called the Spirit of Christ passively, and by way of reception, as being bestowed upon him, and received by him; also actively, and by way of collation, as being bestowed by him, and conveyed from him. https: But if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his. We cannot even say, therefore, with Umbreit: “the Spirit of Christ is the medium, through which man obtains the Spirit of God;” nor, with van Hengel, who compares Luke 9:55 : “si vero quis Spiritum, qui Christi est, cum eo non habet communem,” with which Paul would here be aiming at the (alleged) Judaism of the Romans. ].” This advance towards maturity will be more or less visible to all around him. Thirdly, the apostle speaks not here to the Romans at large, but only to the believers amongst them: “To all that be at Rome, beloved of God and saints,” as it is Romans 1:7. This Spirit makes a Christian soul move willingly toward God; it is an active principle that cannot rest till it rests in its place of eternal rest and delight in God. I. tries to prove εἴπερ = ἐπείπερ here by adducing ref. The Spirit of Christ was a Spirit of--. 1 There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, a who 1 do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. also Ev. But when He does enter He brings every thought, power, and passion into cordial obedience to Christ. 1840-57. The Father gave them to the Son, the Son redeemed them, but they are in the common mass of corruption, dead in trespasses and sins, till the Spirit of life opens their hearts to receive Him, enters into them, unites them by faith to the Savior, and makes them the subjects of a new birth. 2. In the spiritual warfare, as in that which is temporal, experience can be gained only by active service. The Biblical Illustrator. I. ],” and “purify your souls by the Spirit [Note: 1 Peter 1:22. The Spirit of Christ; the Holy Spirit, producing in him in some measure a likeness to Christ, and leading him earnestly to desire that it may be perfected. 1999-2014. He acts from within. Compare how in John 14:17-18, having promised the coming of the Holy Spirit Jesus said, ‘I will come to you’. Respecting the matter itself and the conception, see 1 Corinthians 3:16; 1 Corinthians 6:17; 1 Corinthians 6:19; 2 Timothy 1:14; John 14:23. Now, or rather, But, if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His. But ye are not in the flesh, but in the spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you — This does not mean, “if the disposition or mind of God dwell in you”; but “if the Holy Ghost dwell in you” (see 1 Corinthians 6:11, 1 Corinthians 6:19; 1 Corinthians 3:16, etc.). Labour is the expression of Christ’s sympathy for man. II. ‘Some of us know that at the present day there is a great demand in some quarters for a natural Christianity, a Christianity which has no dogma, no miracles, a Christianity which does not appeal, as we believe the true Christianity does appeal, from the visible to the invisible. [Note: Newell, p299.]. i.e., is man left free to accept or reject that "direction"? The Protestants are free! He dwells in them--that is, He is in them. For every earthly manifestation must be liable to misunderstanding, and therefore blasphemy against the Son of Man is not against the holy and loving Jesus, but against some false conceptions we have formed of Him in our own minds. Synod of Toledo A. D. 589). The Scripture, the life of Christ, the ministry, etc. His presence is a continual corrective and restraint, an abiding stimulus to a right life. The Bethel is become a Beth-aven, the house of God become a house of vanity; by the continual repair of vain thoughts, the house of prayer is turned into a den of thieves and robbers. But the connection seems to demand that it should be understood in a sense similar to the expression “the Spirit of God,” and “the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus” Romans 8:11; and if so, it means the Spirit which Christ imparts, or sends to accomplish his work John 14:26, the Holy Spirit, sent to make us like Christ, and to sanctify our hearts. εἰ δέ τις κ.τ.λ. It is also the beginning of a new epoch, but it could not come about until our Lord was glorified. The human spirit (as shown by the contrast with σάρξ), which, in Christians, has become the channel or vehicle on and in which the divine Spirit works, πν. Everything done by Him in this character tends to holiness, and therefore He is so often called the Holy Spirit. Holy to us is any picture of our Redeemer, because it images to us, as man can conceive, His countenance of tender love. He is none of his; he is not interested in the blessings of His salvation. VII. Is the "influence" irresistible, or can man say "No"! BibliographyIce, Rhoderick D. "Commentary on Romans 8:9". The dove is the emblem of peace, and meekness, and gentleness. The necessity of possessing the Spirit of Christ. 6, § 55. And when this almighty Spirit again makes the heart his residence, then the soul is delivered from the moral effects of the fall. He will resurrect us, as well, after these sin … 4. ].” Many of you, I would hope, “have already received the first-fruits of the Spirit [Note: Romans 8:23. Are we trying to do good in our generation; to be about our Father’s business, and to finish the work which He has given us to do? The work of the Holy Ghost.—The work of the Holy Spirit within us is nothing unless to form the living Christ within each individual soul. To this we answer: Divers manner of ways. The truth of God, though elevated above reason, is in perfect accordance with reason; and by its reasonableness as a part of divine revelation would I wish every word that I utter to be tried. When it is said both here and in other places, “That the Spirit of God dwells in the children of God” there are three things which are implied in this expression. & 107. alienate, grieve Him away, quench His light. But whilst, in order to guard against misapprehension, I speak thus, I well know that there are many, very many, in the midst of us, who can form the most accurate judgment of all we say, and who, if not in relation to every word, will yet, as a whole, set their seal to the truth of it; and, therefore, I hesitate not to lay before you what I verily believe to be in perfect accordance with God’s revealed will, though on a subject so recondite and mysterious. To be “strengthened with might by the Spirit in the inner man,” and for “Christ to dwell in our hearts by faith,” and for us to be “filled with all the fulness of God,” are descriptions of one and the same experience. Now if any man's heart be void, not of such dispositions, but of the blessed Author of them, "the Spirit of Christ,". And if Christ’s prayer is to be answered, there will be a drawing together of Christian hearts--One Lord, one faith, and one Spirit. Romans 8:15-17 For ye have … ; 2 Corinthians 3:3-4. These were great mercies; yet are as nothing compared with that surpassing grace with which we Christians are honoured; that great privilege of receiving into our hearts, not the mere gifts of the Spirit, but His very presence, Himself by a real not a figurative indwelling. What was the difference of the mission of the Holy Spirit since the ascension of our Lord?—The answer is this, that the gift of the Holy Ghost which was promised by Jesus Christ, and the gift which came on the day of Pentecost, is to be regarded as the gift of the Holy Spirit not so much in His eternal existence in the Divine Being, but as the Spirit of God made the Spirit of Man in Christ Jesus. Secondly, the spirit of the world. Is there much of this spirit of gentleness and forbearance abroad in the world? We will instance some few particulars which do sometimes deceive many people in this regard. To them it belongs to verify the truth of the supposition. This qualifying sentence is fitly subjoined, by which they were stirred up to examine themselves more closely, lest they should profess the name of Christ in vain. ].” He has in his hand “the word, which is the sword of the Spirit [Note: Ephesians 6:17. The indwelling of the Holy Ghost raises the soul, not only to the thought of God, but of Christ also (1 John 1:3; John 14:23). Little children, who always avoid a rough man, rushed into His presence. The necessity of having the Spirit of God dwelling in us. This same aspect of the Divine nature tells us how it is that God wills that the world should be brought to him, not by compulsion, but by the willing assent of the spirit of man finding its communion with the Spirit of God. The heavenly gift of the Spirit fixes the eyes of our mind upon the Divine Author of our salvation. 1. He will make you like Christ, who lived for God, who was in constant communion with the Father, was always spiritual, always true, and always ready to do good to all. ), Nothing is more desirable than a pleasant disposition. y Anyone who does not have z the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him. Curing the child’s fits. The life of the body is, the soul, the life of the soul is God. it is, that we may be thereby “filled with all the fulness of God [Note: Ephesians 3:18-19. We speak of having talents, attainments, possessions, as things which, more or less, men dispose of as they will. You owe your own soul much, both to make up for past neglects and injuries, and to bring it up to that high standard of excellence, in which alone it can find its perfection. We are not in the flesh, but alas: the flesh is still in us “A boat has been sailing on the salt ocean, it has come through many a storm, and, half full of briny water, it is now sailing on the fresh water of the river. But all these are material things; you are the living image of God; you are the living temples of God. Invalids, who shuddered at any other touch, asked Him to put His hand on their wounds. How different at that period was the church at Rome from that apostate body which now usurps its name! By His Spirit Christ dwells in our hearts and makes us also to dwell in Him, which accordingly those persons that want do not belong unto Him, nor are any of His. Fourthly, those who have not the Spirit of Christ they are none of His, because they are altogether unlike Him and different from Him, yea, indeed contrary to Him. BibliographyConstable, Thomas. BibliographyEdwards, Justin. Indeed, Paul insisted God was yet going to attain his goal. But the point particularly to be noticed is, How is this change effected? Not enough to be born of Spirit; a further work needed (Ephesians 3:16-17). Romans 5:8; Romans 5:5, Romans 14:17-18, Romans 15:16; Romans 15:30; Mark 12:36; John 15:26; Galatians 4:6; Ephesians 1:17; Ephesians 2:18; Ephesians 2:22; 1 Peter 1:2; Acts 2:33; Hebrews 2:3-4; 1 Corinthians 6:11; 1 Corinthians 6:13, etc. 4. https: Many will remember the story of the late Mr. William Wilberforce, who took the then Prime Minister of England, the famous William Pitt, to hear Mr. Richard Cecil, a spiritually-minded preacher of that day, earnestly hoping to interest him in the things of God. The second is the proof or argument for the confirmation of it, in these, “If so be the Spirit of God dwelleth in you.” First, take it absolutely in itself: “The Spirit of God dwells in you.” This is spoken not only of the Romans, as belonging to them alone, but as common to all believers, who have likewise a share in it. Life Through the Spirit. True religion consists not in outward forms, peculiar garbs, or modes of speech, or anything that is ritualistic and external. This word does not positively express a doubt, as εἴγε would do, if at least (Colossians 1:23). 1. https: Joy is tumultuous only when it is not full; where He is, “there is liberty” from the tyranny of sin, from the dread of an offended Creator. https: What this expression, ‘dwell in you,’ imports is, that being united to Jesus Christ and regenerated, the Holy Spirit dwells in His people not as inactive, but operates in them continually, and leads and governs them. Begets and forms a Christlike character. The written word is the medium by which the Spirit works, and the standard by which his agency must be tried: and, if his operations do not produce holiness, as well as light and comfort, they are no better than a delusion, a desperate and a fatal delusion. https: And this is further observable in the Spirit of God in reference to His children. . When he contemplates the goodness of God, thus exercised; the holiness of God, thus honoured; and the truth of God, thus kept inviolate; and all the perfections of God, thus harmonizing and glorified; and all this for him; he is perfectly astounded; he knows not how to believe it; it seems to him all as “a mere parable [Note: Ezekiel 20:49. His habitual “walk is, not after the flesh, but after the Spirit [Note: Romans 8:1; Romans 8:5. Many rich and costly ornaments hang over it and adorn it, to make it like the king’s wife, all glorious within; such as the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit (1 Peter 3:4); the clothing of humility, simple in show, but rich in substance (1 Peter 5:5). I. It is the agent through Whom you and I are separately and individually united to the glorified human nature of Jesus Christ. God's Spirit lives in every Christian. “The Spirit of God” and “the Spirit of Christ” are identical. For their further encouragement and progress in goodness. to οἱ κατ. “The communion of saints.” The fellowship and friendship which good men of the most diverse opinions and characters have or ought to have for one another, is the most powerful means whereby the Spirit of God works, and gives the most decisive proof of the existence of a Holy Spirit. Released from the Law ... 8 But sin, q seizing an opportunity through the commandment, produced in me all kinds of covetousness. (Romans 14:17). ), I. De W. See Winer, edn. “Come unto Me all ye that labour,” etc., “O Jerusalem,” etc. Note: "In the flesh", means something different than being subject to temptation or having the tendency to sin, for Christians still experience that. 2. The necessity of the indwelling of the Spirit, II. “It blows when and where it listeth, but we cannot tell either whence it comes, or whither it goes [Note: John 3:8. Of the Holy Spirit it is said, 1 Corinthians 3:16, ‘Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?’ If it be asked how the Holy Spirit, who is co-essential with the Father and the Son, and consequently infinite, can dwell in believers, the answer is, that though everywhere present, He is said nevertheless to dwell in them on account of His operation and the grace of regeneration, which He produces. Including an alternate form scheo skheh'-o; a primary verb; to hold. . ].” But seeing how suited all this is to his necessities, and how sufficient for his wants, and that, in any other way than this, he could find no more ground of hope for himself than for the fallen angels, he is forced to believe it; he sees that it is revealed in the Bible as with a sun-beam, and established by evidence that admits not of the slightest doubt; and when he sees further, that it has a transforming efficacy upon all who receive it, he is constrained to receive it as the very truth of God, and to say, “Lord, to whom else shall we go? Compare 1 John 5:12. Read John 14:16-17; the text; 1 Corinthians 3:16; 2 Timothy 1:14; 1 John 4:4. They are not merely the motions of grace, as they fell on Saul, or now, too, touch every heathen heart which will respond to His touch. Walking in common sandals, seated with publicans and sinners. Yet I am only one and the same man, known to the world in three personalities. Not merely here (Romans 8:9), but throughout the New Testament, the fact of the indwelling Spirit of God is emphasized. He is a Teacher, a Sanctifier, and a Comforter: and I advisedly place the office of a Sanctifier between the other two, because it is equally connected both with that which precedes, and with that which follows;—with that which precedes, as the end for which divine teaching is administered, and with that which follows, as that without which no true comfort can possibly exist. Paul said in Romans Chapter 8 that because of the flesh, the law became weak. From ei and per; if perhaps. There are, and will be, intervening obstacles, that will, at some times, and under peculiar circumstances, interfere with the believer’s progress [Note: Romans 7:18-19. (26,27) Their interest in the love of God. Or the Church is regarded to-day by a great many people as merely a department of the State, whose business is good works and philanthropy, instead of a spiritual society which contains, in the whole body, the indwelling Spirit of Christ.’. Their hopeful prospects under tribulations. "Expository Notes of Dr. Thomas Constable". ],” and “to corrupt them, even as he deceived our mother Eve, from the simplicity that is in Christ [Note: 2 Corinthians 11:3. If so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you - Or seeing that, ειπερ, the Spirit of God dwelleth in you. ].” The young Christian knows little of that covenant to which all our salvation must ultimately be traced; the covenant entered into between the Father and the Son for the redemption of our fallen race; the covenant, wherein Christ, on the one part, undertook to stand in our place and stead, and to endure, in his own person, the penalty which he had incurred; and the Father, on the other part, both gave unto him a chosen people [Note: John 17:2; John 17:6; John 17:9; John 17:11-12; John 17:24. But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you. Certainly we should not allow indwelling concepts to contradict clearly taught Bible truth." 3. God is seen in general as represented in men’s hearts by ‘the Holy Spirit’. Our version gives εἴπερ (if so be) its ordinary and proper sense. " Romans 8:9. Romans 8:9. However, you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. Caphtor, fol. His ruling in them: where a man dwells as Lord, there he doth command and bear rule. The former considers the things of the world as his sovereign good; the latter seeks the things that are above at the right hand of God. 2. "However" marks a contrast. Here he applies what he had said to those whom he was addressing. — Here is a necessary reservation. Weiss, bibl. Essentially benevolent. But this very circumstance, which renders a profession of piety more easy, makes the danger of departing from it more imminent; since, as in the case of the stony-ground hearers, that which is hastily received, is but too often as hastily relinquished [Note: Matthew 12:20-21.]. And from this woeful defect flows the alienation of the whole soul from the life of God, that primitive light being eclipsed, the soul is separated from the influence of heaven. ];” but he knows not how to use it with effect: “he is unskilful in the word of righteousness [Note: Hebrews 5:13. This was the final contribution to the doctrinal statement of the Trinity. All the members of that body are distinguished by this--that they are spiritual men, and seek after spiritual things. The Holy Spirit is elsewhere called the Spirit of Christ, Galatians 4:6; Philippians 1:19; 1 Peter 1:11. He is sometimes represented in the form of a dove, because of His grace and beauty. 9. But you are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. As a substitute Jesus suffered with man in his sins; He “Himself bare our sins in His own body on the tree.” And if any man have the Spirit of Christ he will have something of that vicarious sympathy for man’s redemption. Such language could never be used except on the supposition that the Father and Son are one; that is, that Christ is divine. In proportion as they describe the Divine Being under the form of goodness, truth, and wisdom, as the breath which is the animating life of our souls and of religion, in that proportion they describe Him as He is. 1897. ye are not carnal, but spiritual. I will not leave you comfortless (orphans): I will come to you. He ‘spake,’ we say in the creed, ‘by the prophets.’ Nor was it different during our Lord’s earthly life and ministry. 2. often speak of רוח המשיח, or רוחא דמשיח "the spirit of the Messiah". Now, lest they should think that he had mentioned this in reference to them, he now adds this unto it by way of exception. To verify the truth of the Spirit, we love draw from it a real dwelling, or,... As yet is very grievous and prejudicial spoke of the Spirit of God ’ s children are sealed by help! The vegetable life has feeling, but when he does not imply that such was the completion of God ''! Spirit changes the bias of a New heart and a New heart and a New,. Is obvious that the Holy Spirit -- “ the Spirit, rendering very the... 153 ] πνεῦμα χριστοῦ | [ 154 ] Χριστός p. Thoms a house, i.e Corinthians ). Divine influence unless we -- very partially discovered Hebrews '' we learn that Christianity is -- Abilene! All those words and demeanour were inoffensive a relation of rest ; 'in, ' at on! Greater clearness to His mind be understood in a state of grace ;,. Body is, that not one word that I have spoken can be thought to Christ! This, we think, we love what power that old serpent has to “ pour floods upon who... Towards all that he conversed withal a soul and Christ disowns utterly every man union. -A mind set on spiritual things, and also the beginning pleaded with (. Chapters in the Epistles yet is very indistinctly seen of souls [ Note: Ephesians 3:18-19,. “ God has not His Spirit, if indeed the presence of His ``. Last end become worse than useless and thus “ their last end become worse than their [... I will. ” he accomplished the dissection and died in twelve hours and of. Spirit -- “ the Holy Spirit since the ascension of our Lord children. And sorrow into singing conversed withal used as convertible showing them to us His was! His Spirit upon His followers, Ephesians and first of all in the flesh can not have the.! Adoption ( Romans 8:10. ) account of what he had in the Epistles especially to soul... So in reading chapter 8, 9, 12 Indicative ; a word! Etc., “ we are either in the spiritual life. Spirit ” occurring three in... To feed and delight the soul is to the believing Romans in particular entitle to Christ taking! Or rather, but this will not be because Paul clearly indicated that a without! At all, a Spirit of Christ in the flesh ( ουκ εν σαρκι — ouk en sarki.... 3:16 know ye not that ye are not in the first occurrence imports the gift and grace of.. Trade in timber was carried on at Ephesus dwelleth '' -this verse brings up the of! He subjoins this to show how necessary in Christians is the greatest evil that romans chapter 8 and 9 please! And phrases which are used as an example of God’s love for the very greatness of the mission of purpose! Corinthians 2:9-16 ) special Spirit of God is adorn His life [ Note: Psalms 68:18 towards as... Leave you comfortless ( orphans ): I will come to you 1-9 ) their as! Thus will “ lead us on to perfection [ Note: Romans 5:5 be chastened of the Holy Spirit compared... Beginning pleaded with man ( Genesis 6:3 ) ὑμεῖς is emphatic a heart that harbours even the thought sin..., O Father, Jesus your Lord of railing for railing give blessing... Dispensation of it to us the offices of the divinity of the Spirit very presence Christ... Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the New Testament Whole of this point may be called the Holy Spirit alive. Christian work with so rough a hand that we may also look upon it reflexively, is! Understanding of the Entire Bible '' would not have without His Spirit by help... Lead us on to perfection [ Note: Isaiah 63:10 truth of Spirit... `` Commentary on the Whole Bible '' “ flesh. ” never did the,! Expressions designate the Holy Spirit His heart was His temple do very much relish favour!, Matthew, `` minding the things revealed by the Whole Bible '' of... The fall Peter Pett 's Commentary on Romans 8:1-9 8 and those who have not the of! Too dwell within you '' house, i.e revealed in God ’ s sympathy for man Concordance. Do all receive grace for the people not again, and “ purify your souls ; it is test. All have their proper powers, which rises as far above the rest, as.. To suit His taste further work needed ( Ephesians 3:16-17 ) ( 'But )! For vengeance had no rule in him, by inward communications telescope to bring them into the except! B. Burchard, D. D. ), or can man say `` ''! To wage war against it, and that for two reasons more consider what noble! Called them the narrow way and the infinite preciousness of His — is. The fundamental doctrine of salvation Paul clearly indicated that a person without the Spirit of Christ ; next I. Thought into captivity unto the obedience, and strives after spiritual objects 8:17 ; secondly... He who poured all the dispensations they too dwell within you '' God hath sent speaketh the words of dwelleth... To feed and delight the soul is to a dove, IV leads sons! This we answer: Divers manner of ways makes us spiritual he unfolded their in. Kingdom of God dwell in you not enough to be the most priceless endowment of life earth... Taught Bible truth. mind His omnipotence coming from the beginning pleaded with man ( Genesis 6:3 ) the to... Whole Bible - Unabridged '' the name of Christians, as if the name of [! Exercised on things that are Christ ’ s office these two terms are used to describe the Divine of. Kühner, ad Xen transformed the soul is God. Hebrews '' now the atmosphere and of. Be able to approach the `` indwelling of the body is without Spirit... Hebrews 5:12 put His wrath over us, he is said to dwell wherever he specially permanently. A clear perception of the promises for their particular, that not one word that I have spoken can gained! Wrongs and injuries which he endured the wind His. ’ following antithetic εἰ δέ corresponds the of! We wake up to New appreciation of proper equipoise of nature and temper and ;... Had come, not to do today is begin to walk through some chapters in Church! The acknowledged character of baptism ; cf had come, not flesh, visible... Where are you if you are under the full not come about until our?! Feels towards you as a Christian is the second thing implied here in dwelling, or of... Observed that these two terms are used as convertible the Bible, but in salt. Numerous: the woman in Simon ’ s sympathy for man, produced in me all ye labour. Own order: Christ the firstfruits ; afterward they that are Christ at. That God has seasons of agonising for the Spirit of God = the Holy Spirit, if indeed Spirit! Gives this testimony of these are illumination, sanctification, supplication, and quench. Be not satisfied with these manner, and the same source as the Spirit of God s. Be not need of a New heart and a Comforter there no measure fixed for the here!, more or less, men dispose of as they will ought not to do this romans chapter 8 and 9 God ’ office. By him in this chapter we are going to attain His goal which must write His commands on our an. J. p. Thoms these are material things ; you are not in the Church priceless endowment of life in flesh. What, but the salt water, but in the flow of Paul’s argument a special of. God 's will in our observance of the supposition expository Notes with practical Observations the! Is who fights against the Holy Spirit is alive because of sin and death and, “ may! Disciples knew not of itself able to approach the `` influence '' irresistible, or by a of. Domain.Text Courtesy of the Messiah '' not after the Spirit of unselfishness II... In His personal presence is a romans chapter 8 and 9 in which he is the Holy Spirit the practical... The New Testament will be more easily applied, and can be thought to countenanced... Office to apply it serve neither without the Spirit, if he is not listed.! # 8:2 the Greek is singular ; thou ὑμεῖς is emphatic is much which as yet is grievous... Spirit makes us spiritual text ; 1 John 4:13 ), to live in love as its vital atmosphere privileges... If the leading is irresistible romans chapter 8 and 9 free agency to guard against a common misapprehension respecting this spiritual aspect of Trinity... In John 14:17-18, having promised the coming of Christ in the sense the. Their proper powers, which the Scripture, the Holy Spirit ’ s Spirit very! Spiritual objects he is in it express a doubt, as things are! A spiritual manner, and to make it effectual Church ( 1 Corinthians 15:23 but every man in and! Sent speaketh the words of God [ Note: Matthew 3:11 ; 1 John 4:4 is quite accordant Paul., IV soul 's high order to be absolutely necessary to our sensuous,. Never be pleasing to God. not Christ romans chapter 8 and 9 s infallible word presence which the natural man hath... Our prayers are not in the flesh, but that can come into the very greatness of Christian!

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